a short film by Olivia Norrmén-Smith, 2022

Bioloop is a moving-image collage composed of historical footage to evoke an affective state akin to that experienced by individuals consuming pregnancy and motherhood content in our contemporary digital media ecosystem. The film is an immersive sonic and imagistic bombardment, at times humorous, at times terrifying, at times wondrous. By way of an archival cinematic poem, Bioloop explores the overwhelming, torrential landscape of biomedical narratives and cultural constructions concerning the perinatal period in a neoliberal environment where fierce competition, optimization, and unrelenting self-surveillance to impress the gaze of the other are normative practice.

(In post-production)

Ingrid Olivia Norrmén-Smith is a researcher, writer, and filmmaker.  Her work engages with health, wellbeing, technology, and the psyche.

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